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Valentina Corro – Event Planner


Speaker & Coach

With more than 9 years of building a career, training and many experience, Valentina Corro has found a reason to share and encourage others to achieve their dreams, through courses; personalized coaching (by consultation); and international conferences. She teaches various topics with the objective of channeling and boosting the abilities of those who listen to her.

    Wedding coordination

    We are an agency that simplifies the process of Planning, Design, Coordination and Direction of Weddings or any event derived from romance. Generation of creative ideas and control of logistics.

    We want each couple to feel like a guest at their own wedding. We know a wedding is a project that represents an endless number of feelings and emotions.

    Just worry to save each moment.

    We have diversified and adaptive services, in order to match the form and style of each couple. All weddings are unique and that is why we create unique services. We can start at your side, planning your wedding from scratch, or reach you in an advanced project to help you making it in a spectacular way. We make petite weddings from 2 people, as well as huge weddings, presented at their maximum capacity.

    VC Collection

    • Online coaching: Unlimited coaching calls for you to help you make the planning on your own.
    • Ring deliveries: We'd love to help you take the first step, so count on us to make great productions or the most exclusive dinner to make the most important proposal of your life.
    • Honeymoon and anniversary trips: Don't know who to ask? We have created the perfect partnerships with the experts in the field.
    • Bachelorette Party: We can help you make everything from the quietest and most detailed meeting to the craziest journey with your squad.

    Destination Weddings

    We act as ambassadors of the country to showcase the best locations and services in each destination.

    We can take care of your experience as a concierge from the arrival at the airport, accompany you to the big day and back to your destination or just take care of the wedding day.

    Corporative Events

    As experts in logistics, we assure you that the structure, time and design of your event will be perfectly coordinated and supervised. We have more than 5 years accompanying various institutions in these important events, not only at the end of the year, but also anniversaries, product samples, VIP meetings, among others. 

    Speaker, courses and consulting for event suppliers

    Almost a 9 years career, training and experience generated in years, are now a reason to share and encourage others to achieve their dreams. Through international courses and conferences, Valentina Corro, founder and director of the brand, now teaches various topics with the aim of channeling and promoting the skills of those who listen.